Repurposing polaris port as a return jet?


Bronze Supporter
Aug 10, 2017
My pool was originally piped for a Polaris-type cleaner. So I have a polaris pump in the system and a dedicated return at the pool where the polaris cleaner hose would connect.

I ended up going with the dolphin cleaner, so I never use the polaris pump and would like to remove the pump from the system so I can use the return port that's at the pool as a regular filter return jet.

Is there any pressure/turbulance/etc issues that would be introduced if I just connect the flexible hose across the two PVC pipes to bypass the pump?

I actually don't want to touch the PVC side connections, so I was thinking of using a threaded SCH-40 PVC coupler to connect the two flexible hoses together... The hoses I speak-of are the two flexible hoses that connect to the booster pump intake-port and out-port, respectively. Please see photo below.

BTW, I know I could do the permanent solution, but that would involve a lot more work than just coupling the two hoses so if leaving the hose in place (and/or coupling the two) doesn't cause issues I'd like to keep it simple for now. :)

Thanks for your help!