Replumbing pool - T fitting locations


Jul 22, 2020

My new Waterway Defender 140 VS pump has arrived and I'm getting ready to replumb everything on the pad. During the process I plan converting the plumbing to 2" from 1.5". The plumbing had significant suction side leaks when we bought the house and as you can see I sealed it up with a few coats of "red hot" PVC glue, which is working surprising well. The crappy ball valves are shot, they do not close all the way and I plan on replacing them with true union Kaplan Hydro Seals.

The question I have is around how the T fittings affect flow. In all of the pictures I've seen on the web the tee fittings act as a manifold combining or distributing flow from the middle opening. My pool's current plumbing has the main suction line to the pump on one of the end holes of the T's instead of the side. Does this affect the flow? I would assume the water changing direction versus moving straight through the fittings could possibly reduce the flow to one of the return branches.


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