Replacing pump, Mulivalve and repiping DYI trouble


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Apr 16, 2007
Gulfport Mississippi
I am apparently in need of a new pool pump. When I turned it on last week it blew up or at least it seemed that way since I was standing directly above it.
A bright flash and loud pop occurred in the instant it took for the breaker to trip. Scared the bejesus out of me. I can see that this has been brewing for a while now.
For some reason when this was installed they put it directly under the multi-valve—this leaks water on to the pump when running. The handle on the valve works but the handle is floppy and water rises up around the dial. Does this always happen or is it broken. Can I fix it or does it need to be replaced?
Any way getting back to the pump issue, I was thinking that I could just replace the electric motor but I can’t find anything online that looks the same not to mention that the entire assembly isn’t much more expensive than a motor alone. Is it relatively standard to replace the entire thing? If I go that route can I put any one on that I want to? This operation will require some new piping to move the motor so before I tear every thing apart I wanted to get some advice.

Thank you in advance for your input.


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May 7, 2007
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It sounds like the spider gasket on your multi-way valve needs to be replaced. Replacing the spider gasket is usually fairly easy if you are at all mechanically inclined.

How old is the pump? If it is less than five or six years old and doesn't have any other problems you haven't mentioned I would look into the possibility of fixing it. Your description sounds like the starting capacitor blowing out, which would be a fairly simple fix. It could be something else and may require a new motor but even that isn't usually all that difficult. See if you can find the motor part number, usually on a name plate attached to the motor. If you can find the motor part number, as opposed to the pump part number, it is usually fairly easy to find replacement parts or entire replacement motors.

When selecting a new pump the two primary issues are how large a pump do you need for your pool and how much do you want to spend up front to reduce your operating cost down the road. Most pools don't need as large a pump as was originally installed. Getting an appropriately sized pump will cost less and save electricity. There are various features on pumps that cost extra up front by save money in the long run. There are normal pumps, high efficiency pumps, two speed pumps, and variable speed pumps. As you move up that list the pump costs more up front and less to operate.


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Apr 16, 2007
Gulfport Mississippi
JasonLion thank you for you help. I took the motor off the pump and it was rusted completely thru on the bottom. I can’t believe that it works as long as it did.

Anyway I took it to the pool store to ask some questions about new motors and pumps and see some of the options.
The owner starts in on the whole “you need a new everything” routine and is showing me what he thinks I need in the $800.00 range.
I can’t afford that so I told him that I had seen some things on line and at home depot for around $350.00. of course none of these options would work for me and for a $90.00 minimum he would send a guy to my house to assess the situation and “explain” what I need.

After a polite no thank you he looked up what he would charge me for a new motor --- $200.00 but he didn’t recommend that.

So I left and called the other pool store in town. I explained the situation and they asked me simply enough what I wanted to do. At this point I didn’t know.

They said that they know a pool repair contractor that they recommend to all the customers and that I should call him to get his opinion.

Needles to say I expected the worse but was very pleasantly surprised when he told me that I shouldn’t change the pump if it was working and replacing the motor would be easy enough and more energy efficient that the old one. He didn’t try to sell me anything or push his services or even act like any one with a pool should pay triple the cost for everything.

So I asked him what he would charge to do what he proposed. $225.00 we made the deal on the spot site unseen.

Work done no hassle didn’t ask for more money.

I would recommend this fellow to any one.