Replacing a Hayward T-5 Cell - is GLX-CELL-5 what I need?


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Jun 13, 2010
I stupidly didn't remove my SWG cell over the winter & it cracked (because I couldn't loosen the fitting on the bottom & gave up - stupid AND expensive mistake). I now need to replace the cell which is currently a Hayward T-CELL-5 that originally came with pool when I purchased it in 2012. I've been unable to find a T-5 other than as part of a complete system with the Aqua Trol control box (which I already have). I only see the GLX - is that what I need


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Our T5 cell went out last fall as well (Salt read 0 and the voltage was barely registering when it would cycle) and in my search this past week for a new one all I was able to find was the new GLX-5 which every site I've look at shows as the cell that I would need to replace my old T5.

I bit the bullet and bought the GLX-5 cell which arrived last Friday and I installed it yesterday afternoon. I did have to reset the average salt reading on the controller but it has been working flawlessly since yesterday. It is reading the salt level with in 200ppm of what I tested it at and the voltage when generating is right with in spec according to the aquatrol manual. :)

I'm guessing that Hayward changed the models up a bit and this is the new version. I got 5 years out of the old cell and hope to get the same or more on the new one.


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May 19, 2010
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If I remember correctly, the old aquarite that used the T5 will work with the newer T15.

Otherwise the glx 5 should work too, I think.

Are they both rated for 40k? Now I am doubting, what I remember :D