Replace light bulb in inground pool light fixture?


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Apr 14, 2011
Far North TX
I need to change the bulb in my inground pool light fixture, as it stopped working. (It used to work, so I'm thinking it's just the bulb)

I remember when the liner guy was here, he had it apart, and from what I recall, the center section was on a long cord that could be brought above the surface as set on the pool deck.

But now the pool is full, so I'm not sure if I can remove it to replace the bulb. Here's a picture of it, best I can get without going under water anyway. I think the inner 'ring' is just held on by the one screw and behind it is sealed?

I'm hoping it's that simple...but I'm here to ask those who know - how do I approach this?

2019-05-16 19.52.17.jpg


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May 28, 2011
No. CA
first, make sure the power is off, switch and breaker.

the fixtures I've worked with are held in with one screw, and have a few feed of cord coiled up in the back of the light niche.

unscrew the screw, let it slip out of your hands and drop to the bottom of the pool ( just kidding, but it can happen )

It is easier to link to a video than explains it well.