repairing rust at skimmer opening on metal pool?


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Aug 21, 2010
Mentor, Ohio
Ok. Got the treatment ready for the iron staining while trying to fix the rust at the skimmer opening (from the metal skeleton of the pool).
Never knew there were butterfly gaskets to prevent this kind of an issue - pool store never sold it to me before :hammer:
Pool store didn't understand why they sold me a "metal" pool skeleton instead of an aluminum skeleton since it never would have rusted then :hammer:

Once I get as much of the rust off the metal as humanly possible, what would be the best primer or coating to cover the metal with to minimize the rust re-occuring? or is this just delaying the inevitable continuation of more rusting regardless?

Pool store says it needs to be "repaired with a service call to replace/repair that portion of the metal wall/skeleton".

Thanks in advance.

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