Removing Hayward DE6020 Filter Lid


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Apr 28, 2012
Houston, TX
I cleaned my filter grids yesterday, and everything went pretty smoothly. One grid had a tear in it so I had to go buy a new one, but other than that, everything appears to be fine. This morning, I went out to check on the filter, and it looks like there MAY be a small leak where the clamp bolt brings the filter body clamp together. There is the possibility that there was dew or something from the night that accumulated and ran down the filter at that certain spot, though. IF there is a leak (I plan to take some time this evening to verify whether or not this is the case), then I'll need to take the lid back off, and re-seat it properly.

Now my question: is there anyway to take the lid off of a filter like this without losing a bunch of DE? That stuff's not cheap, but I know if there is even a small leak I need to take care of it. I know if I pull the drain plug at the bottom I'm going to lose a ton of DE, but can I just turn the pressure release valve at the top and then take the lid off and reseat it?

Any suggestions on how to do this SAFELY and without losing a bunch of freshly added DE would be greatly appreciated.
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