Reinforcing Top Rails


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May 4, 2014
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I have a 7 inch metal top rail on an oval agp that is getting used as a launching pad for kids diving into the pool at times. Sometimes adults that have had a few too many use the rail as well. I find ten year olds and drunk 40 year olds have about the same ability to follow instructions.

Any suggestions on reinforcing the rail to be able to handle the abuse? I am not going to condone people doing it, but I hate to keep bending the top rail back into shape and worry that it may damage the wall as well eventually. there are only three sections on the end of the pool that need reinforced as the deck is only on one end of the pool. I think I can pull the top rail and place a piece of wood under it to strengthen it, but haven't taken it apart to see the details yet. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. --mark


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Apr 16, 2007
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For starters, You should really discourage this abuse. Not only is it property damage but it also can be dangerous to the jumper as #1 diving in a shallow pool and #2 possibly falling off the wall each have dire consequences. Have you looked at possibly ordering replacement rails? That would be your best option as wood will not work and it will rot. Id really consider time outs from using the pool not only to the 10 year olds but to the drunk 40 year olds too.


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Apr 17, 2010
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Couple of signs saying not to and yes, this means you comes to mind. I've had to call out a couple folks on it. Bite the bullet and do it.


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Jun 21, 2011
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In the same consensus as the others when saying to strongly discourage it or just politely asking them to leave if they can not obey your rules. And possibly to not come back if they have an issue with it. It is your property and you would be liable for any injuries or damage caused by their stupidity or lack of listening skills. I'd hate to hear of someone taking legal actions against you because they didn't want to abide by your pool rules and they end up getting hurt.
You shouldn't go above and beyond to stabilize anything as these rails aren't meant for walking, standing on, or jumping off of.

If all else fails, carpet tack strips secured to the top rail with double sided tape, tack side up, should alleviate the problem. LOL :p