Recommended pool installer in Chicago area?


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Apr 27, 2018
Schaumburg, IL
We're looking at replacing our pool next spring, probably ordering from the pool factory. Will be a semi-inground install just like our current one. Does anyone have an installer they recommend that works in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs?


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Jun 16, 2019
Really, nobody in the Chicago suburbs has a pool installer they're happy with?
Hang tight geko !! The more specific a question is, the longer it takes for someone who knows to happen to swing by and see the question. Maybe the Chicago folks stopping by the last few days are inground people. It’s funny how it works sometimes. Feast or famine like everything else. :)

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Jun 22, 2019
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Just seeing this. I have an inground pool nearing completion. Chicago proper here My PB is located in the NW burbs. Happy to discuss my specific PB over private message. Have no idea if they do semi-inground.
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