Rebuilt pump last year making noise again


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Nov 26, 2011
Lewiston Idaho
Hi Folks,

Last year was the first year we had our home with the pool. When we bought it the owners said the pump was new 3-4- years ago. Halfway through the summer of course it started making a terrible racket. We were using the same pool guy the PO had been for years.

He rebuilt the pump but was busy so I installed it myself using instructions he provided. It had a very small leak around the seal and I believe they came and fixed that. Fast forward a month and the pump blows again. He came back and took the pump to a local shop and had them rebuild it this time. He re-installed the pump and seal saying it went bad because I did a crappy job installing it. Funny thing was when he re-did the work it leaked worse than before. There was plenty of evidence it had leaked before and for some time. I wondered how in a few weeks my small leak ( a few drops a min) could have destroyed the pump.

I asked several times for the pool service owner to call me about the leaking shaft seal to no avail.

When I opened my pool this year (without said pool guy) I took a picture of the nose of the motor which was pretty badly rusted. I cleaned up the shaft and replaced the seal with one I bought. I have not had a drop of leakage. I just got back from a two week work trip and now the sound of the pump has changed again. Its not screaming like last year but its not right either.

I believe I am going to ask the pool guy to cut me a refund for the work he did on it last year and buy a new pump. I have been reading about variable speed pumps and two speed pumps and not sure what to do.

I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Glas II pump with the cleaner basket and the motor is a 1 1/2hp full rated motor. I want to price out some options but could use some help. The pool is 18-20K in ground as in my signature. I have a heater and we are running a caretaker system.

I currently have a Intermatic timer running 12 hrs a day which seems to be doing just fine. In the mail I received 2 new tangs for the time so I will split the run time into two four or six hour shifts.

Thanks for any direction you all might have. I do not want to replace the pump and everything just need options for the motor.




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May 10, 2009
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Well - if they replace the motor - they should also be replace the pump seal . Possibly should also replace the rest of the seals on the pump - but depending - it may be more cost effective to get a complete replacement pump.


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May 9, 2011
It sounds like the leak is coming from the shaft seal. Which would make the motor start making that racket after a short time. I would explain this to them. Either the shaft seal was not replaced or not properly replaced or the pumps seal plate was damaged when the motor was replaced. They should definitely replace the motor for you at no cost. If you want to switch to a 2 speed i would suggest getting a 2 ez speed motor from emerson, rather than putting a whole new pump in, but thats just me.