Raising Alkalinity


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Mar 28, 2007
Richmond, Va
Given that I am continuing to use up my Simplicity and Nature 2 for this season, and that I have now run out of Alkalinity increaser, is it okay for me to begin using Baking Soda along with everything else? I have to raise Alkalinity, I believe from 80 to 100 and am wondering if I need to continue with the pool store stuff because of everything else used, or if one can start theBBB bit by bit (BBB) no pun intended? :lol:


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Baking soda and alkalinity increaser are exactly the same thing chemically. The only differences are that baking soda has a higher purity, is ground finer (both of which are good for pools), and costs less. You can interchange them without problems.


waterbug said:
Thanks folks> if I should need some in future, do you just sprinkle it into pool at return just like with the pool store stuff?
Baking soda IS the same as the 'pool store stuff'! You can pour it in the skimmer, predissolve it and broadcast it into the water, or just sprinkle it in the pool and brush until it dissolves. If you calcium is high you want to add it in small amounts at a time so you don't cloud the water and precipitate calcium carbonate.