Rain rain finally went away...now my pool


Apr 13, 2017
Metairie, LA
It's been storming for 2 days. Water still looks good but level really high. I took skimmer top off to let water drain from there. My levels aren't too bad ..
FC. 2
CC 0
PH 7.8
TA. 80

My question is general one. Since following tfp advice I I have been able to keep pool levels ok if low. Only time I can get FC to higher than 2 is if I also add stabilizer. Should I just add that along with chlorine everyday? Or could that screw up something else?


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
What is your CYA? That is what determines the level of FC you should be maintaining, see the [FC/CYA]chart[/FC/CYA].

Once the CYA is in range, you should not need to add it daily.


Apr 13, 2017
Metairie, LA
Ok so I don't test for cya everyday.usually once a week and it's usually 30 or lower. Last time was yesterday it was 50. I don't feel comfortable verifying this...does the black dot supposed to completely disappear?
Anyway that said I think I finally understand the FC/cya chart ! So does this mean my levels are good?


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Jun 18, 2016
SW, Iowa
If you are using liquid chlorine you do not need to test CYA every week. The only way it is going to change is if you add cya or by adding a bunch of water. Once it's in the pool it really only lowers by dilution. I only test my CYA about once a month or if I get several inches of rain.

Yes, if you continually add stabilizer you are going to have problems. That is the entire problem with using chlorine tablets or powder shock, it adds stabilizer with every dose. The stabilizer builds up and eventually reaches a level so high you can't reasonably add enough chlorine to keep the algae away.

If your CYA level is moving up and down between tests it's likely a testing error. Maybe this video will help, from another post I think you have a K-2006.

At a CYA of 50 you need FC of 4ppm minimum. You should be dosing your FC up to about 7ppm, that way as the chlorine is consumed through the day FC can stay at or above your minimum. It's best to test every day at about the same time, then add your daily dose, enough to reach your target level of 7ppm. The next day when you test near the same time of day, you should be at or above your minimum of 4ppm. I test and dose in the evening, that way the FC remains at higher strength for the most hours per day.

You are either not adding enough chlorine or you have something consuming it. Try adding your chlorine dose, let the pool circulate for 30 minutes and test again. Using 8.25% bleach it should take about 56oz to get from 2ppm up to 7ppm in a 7600 gallon pool.

Have you checked the label on your bleach to confirm the strength? Don't know where you get your chlorine but places like the dollar store have very weak bleach, often down around 3%.