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Mar 20, 2020
Thinking about upgrading my Intex Ultra to a Radiant freeform 16 x 28 next year and I'm having trouble getting intouch with the dealer in my area. I've contacted Radiant to see if they can recommend any other dealers within a 100 mile radius of central Va. I'd like to go inground or semi-inground. For those that have the Radiant freeform and went inground or semi-inground through a PB, did you find that it saved you money as opposed to an inground vinyl pool? I'm interested in knowing what the actual pool turnkey cost. An average breakdown on costs such as (pool, dig, set up, backfilling, landscaping, fencing ect.) would be most helpful. Thank you!
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Feb 18, 2018
Northwest GA
I don't have that exact pool, but I hope this is a bit helpful. I talked with and got a quote for a semi install of a wilbar optimum. The optimum looks to be the same pool as the radiant (same wall design), but is less expensive. The install was for a 24 foot round, 22" in the ground, vermiculite pool base, stone backfill. $13,600 (sorry it wasn't broken down). My install didn't include the concrete collar bc it was less than 2 feet in the ground. Putting it deeper in the ground will increase the cost quite a bit...more excavation, more dirt to move, more backfill, concrete collar. When I asked about putting it in the ground almost 3 feet, it increased my price to $16,000. Like I said, I know this isn't your pool, but I thought it might give you an idea of how expensive it is to put in a semi.

To compare: My cousin is in the process of putting a vinyl liner inground. 16x32 that will be 3.5 to 6 feet deep. Tanning ledge, grey steps, coping, returns. (I'm not sure how much concrete around the pool besides the standard 4 feet around 8 feet shallow end) $28,000. Given the quote I got on a 24 round semi, I've already contacted her builder to get an inground quote. With the semi I wanted to get, once I add on the deck I"d probably be at around $20000. Of course, if I ordered the pool online and did the install myself, hiring out parts I can't do, I'd come in cheaper, but I'm not sure how much cheaper.

I called a Radiant dealer about 100 miles from me (there's not one closer to me) who was willing to price out a pool on the phone and then ship, so you might want to try calling around, not just the one who is local. I hope you get more responses. I've not yet seen a freeform radiant install on this site, but there are some Radiant installs you can find using the search at the top. Good luck. If you do go with a semi, please be sure to post up your install!
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Mar 20, 2020
Thank you, that was very helpful info.! I contacted Radiant Pools directly and they said I'd have to go through the dealer that's in my area. There isn't another close by and if there were, they said that they don't have them cross over territories. So pretty much if I wanted to spend just under 20k, I'd have to go with a company that doesn't get back to me. Looks like the Radiant will be out of the equation. I do love the freeform and hope to find other freeforms that can be burried or semi burried inground. You are right about looking into the vinyl liner inground because not only would I need to consider decking but fencing in my area as well. I'm not sure the other route would be much of a savings. Thanks again so much for the helpful info. and your reply Scout123! Just in case your profile name is BSA related, my son is almost an Eagle:)


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Jun 16, 2019
You are right about looking into the vinyl liner inground because not only would I need to consider decking but fencing in my area as well. I'm not sure the other route would be much of a savings.
So we set out to do an ABG oval, all upgraded was about $6k. The deck and fence it needed tripled that and i refused to spend that much money on an above ground pool setup. So we got an in ground pool for double that (~$36k). When it needed a patio, which cost as much as the original pool/deck/fence, i nearly fell over. And of course, we still needed a fence too. I won the battle but had an epic fail in the war.

There is something to be said for a semi ground pool, under $20k that kind of has the best of both worlds plus, no need for an expensive deck or patio.
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