Questions from a new pool owner

May 9, 2017
We just bought and moved in to our home with inground pool. Last Friday we did start the pool ,however it is driving me crazy since then. First and most the water never became clear. Yesterday, when I checked the water, the pH and Chlorine levels were down so I added more liquid Chlorine and today it rained (We are in IL).

Long story short I am having hard time to get all worked out and would appreciate the help. Couple questions:
the pool is a lazy L with 16000 gallons and has a automated chlorinator

What is the best way to increase pH?
When I increase pH will this increase any other chemical?
If Acid levels are high should I be just adding baking soda? and how much?
I added since Friday 3 gal of Chlorine and it still reads low chlorine?

Thank you for all the help!

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Hello and welcome to TFP! :wave: To answer all of your questions about what chemicals to use, why, and how, I would refer you to my signature below. You'll see some "Vital Links" that are essential to TFP pool care. I would print or bookmark those links for future reference. You'll use them frequently.

As for your comment about adding 3 gal of chlorine and it still shows low ....... this boils-down to a possible algae issue and the need for proper water testing. In order for us to help guide you, we need to see accurate water testing from either a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C. Absolutely anything we do or advise here at TFP starts with accurate testing. Please see the TF-100 link below. A fantastic value that will help you all season long.

Nice to have you with us.