Question on timers...., which one?


Oct 20, 2018
Ft. Worth, TX
Hello all -
I need to replace my timer setup and I'm not sure what to get. When our pool was first built 13 years ago, it had a SWG and an Aqua Logic AQL-P-4 was installed to control the SWG and handle our timer needs. We ditched the SWG several years ago (replaced it with a straight pipe adapter), so basically we've just been using the Aqua Logic as a timer for our single speed pump, booster pump, and freeze protection. Seems like overkill for our needs and I'm tired of the Aqua Logic boards burning out.
What sort of timer setup is recommended for our needs...., main single speed pump, booster pump for the cleaner, and freeze protection? I'm not an electrician but this looks like it should be straightforward, there's a main line coming into the Aqua Logic from our house breaker box and 2 lines leaving the Aqua Logic (one to each pump). Any recommendations on simple (inexpensive ) reliable timer setups?