Question about pump I want to buy


New member
Aug 7, 2010
Greetings newbie Rich here, My pool- pump petered out on me and I would like any input on a new replacement. I am interested in a variable speed jandy E pump. I'm wondering if it will work with my existing control box. I know the jandy has a controller mounted on the motor. I have an hps control center its either the ps-4 or the ps-8, Im not sure I do not see the label on it anywhere. I'm getting info from the Owners manual. I also have a remote control. I see where it states in the manual of my hpc I can hook up a 2 speed motor, I'm thinking I can set the E pump to the speed(s) I like then set up the my controller and timer as usual?

And since it is to late here at present time to call jandy, does anyone know if the control on the jandy pump has any kind of battery back up in the event of a power failure. Their website does not have the best info.

Any suggestions on an energy efficient pump would be greatly appreciated.