Question about Hayward 4025 parts


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May 13, 2010
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I am getting a good bit of debris (grit and dirt) in the pool from the returns, so I figured it might be time to replace my cartridges. I took the filter apart and I noticed that the clear tube that comes up from the bottom collector manifold has a little rubber piece fit onto the top of it, with a very fine mesh screen around it. The screen is coming off and there was a lot of dirt/bugs/etc. up inside the rubber piece.

So...I ordered that part (#12 on the drawing; the a/b/c/d is for the different size filters) thinking this piece would be part of the hose - since its not shown separately on this parts list - but what I got was just the hose.

Two questions:

1. Does anyone know what this part is, or a part number?

2. Could this be contributing to my filtration problems, or should I not even worry about it?

If I can't find the part I guess I could try to glue the screen back - it looks like it was originally glued and the glue has given out. The filter will be three years old this year.




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Jul 10, 2009
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I found this page with almost an identical parts blow up. It looks like you may need part #24. You can also call and confirm that #24 is an air bleed screen before you order one.