Pump Size for Waterfall and Deck Jets


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Mar 9, 2015
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I have a main pump running my pool today but it does not have enough power to run my pump and all items like in floor cleaner as well as the waterfall and deck jets at once. I have access to a Pentair Superflo 2 HP pump. Would that work to power the waterfall and deck jets? Should I go that route with a second pump or stick with a single pump and try to change the flow from the in floor cleaner to the water features? So two questions...

1. Am I better using two pumps or one?
2. If two pumps is better, is a SuperFlo 2HP too big (2 in pipe being used if that helps)?
3. If a singly pump is used how would I set it up with my Pentair EasyTouch so I could turn on a feature and get the valve actuator to turn?

Thanks for the help on this. Just trying to find the most sensible route to go.


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May 20, 2020
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Do you have access to a separate suction line if you do use a second pump? Some pools with water features have an independent circulation system (suction, pump and return to water feature). There are booster pumps, such as what is used for pressure side pool cleaners, to create more flowrate for an accessory. Maybe post a couple of pictures of your equipment pad plumbing set up for review.


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Aug 10, 2017
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Theres really no reason to run everything at once. Water features usually run by themselves, in floor system when you want to clean bottom, amd general skimming as needed.
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