Pump Replacement Quote(s)


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May 17, 2018
Allen, TX
Hey all,

My Hayward pump seems to have sputtered to an unfortunate end after just 3.5yrs. Last night the pump shut itself off, with the display indicated the pump had stalled. Attempts to restart resulted in a quick "vrr" and then another stall.

Had a tech out today who I like a lot, the very tech who installed this pump years ago. He advised the drive was shot, and it'd be almost as much to replace that versus the whole pump. I've also had an intermittent issue with the motherboard where the clock will stop until I manually reset the time, at which point it'll run fine again until it stops days, weeks, or even months later. Weird! So the board is on its way out too.

Anyway - see the estimate(s) below and give me your feedback. The first is to replace the pump + board with a wifi-capable option. This will also replace actuators.

Second estimate is to just replace the pump with another Hayward, with the option to replace the motherboard.