Pump maintenance question


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Aug 16, 2007
I'm new here--this is a great site! I would greatly appreciate an opinion. I have a Hayward 1.5 Powerflo LX pump that is 5 years old. I hear so much about problems with screeching noises, grinding noises, etc. My question is, should I go ahead and replace parts on the pump that typically wear after time, such as a shaft seal even if I'm currently not having problems? I'm not the type of person who would even attempt to take something like that apart and fix it. I envision having my pool up and running and then the pump dies on me and I have to wait to have someone come out and fix it, as my pool gets greener and greener since it's not being circulated. I know I must sound paranoid, but I am curious if this is something that is done to avoid problems down the road.

Also, how long do pool pumps typically last?


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May 7, 2007
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No, there is no need to replace parts on a motor that is working. The only maintinance they need is to check the impeller (under the pump strainer basket) and make sure there is nothing wrapped around it or bouncing around in there and you only need to do that once a year or even every other year. Also, check that the electrical conduit to the pump is intact and solidly connected at both ends, again once every year or two.

Now if it is making a terrible noise, leaking, or won't start that is a whole different matter.

A pool pump should last at least ten years, sometimes as many as twenty+ years.