Pump, Blower, Valve overhaul

Mar 28, 2017

I recently noticed a decline in pressure/ vacuum performance.
I cleaned filter grids that were replaced late last year, several that had actually been broken a couple at the port.
Had plenty of pressure with bottom drain open, now minimal closing it off.
Checked cleaner, 'the pool cleaner' inside for obstructions, all clear.
Pump basket clear.
It could be a failing pump(have a replacement)? A faulty check valve? Blockage?

I have to replace two diverter valves, a blower, and the pool motor, so in the near future i will different location to the plumbing line. Upgrading to the NeverLube valves and adding actuators. I also have to re-do much of the electrical and bring switches to a more convenient location.

Thanks for any advice,