Preparing to SLAM, Need Advice on Starting


Jun 1, 2021
New home owner. Moved in last fall and acquired an above ground pool. Took too long getting algae down in the spring and have struggled with lingering mustard algae. I'm confident it is algae because when I vaccuum to waste it reappears in a few small lines within 48 hrs. I tried vacuuming to waste and kept the sand filter off after to see and it still reappeared. Also, bugs. I'm fishing out and killing backswimmers. I had a pool step in ladder that was bulky and impossible to clean behind and under. We have taken it out and will replace it with a normal ladder once finished slamming so that it can be cleaned and maintained. I was following pool store guidelines in the beginning and was shocking with calcium hypo regularly and triple shocked 2 weeks ago to eliminate algae. Realized too late I was contributing to my high calcium. Our home is on well water with hard water so if I drain and refill I don't believe that will change the calcium level.

Just performed my testing and current results are:
3.0 FC
0.5 CC
7.8 pH
120 TA
350 CH
30 CYA
3700 Salt
0.17 CSI

Before I start a SLAM, I want to check I have this right. I need to lower my pH to 7.2. I have mauriatic acid on hand to do this. Will it matter that Alkalinity is still high? It's been a rainy month and I think that might be contributing to high TA. Is there anything else I need to adjust before Slamming?
How long after adding the acid can I start adding bleach for the SLAM?


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Jul 1, 2020
Minneapolis, MN
Yes - lower your pH to around 7.2 with your muriatic acid. Don't worry about the TA - it's not that high to begin with, and you don't need to adjust it for the SLAM.

with your pump running, wait at least 30 minutes after adding MA before you add bleach. I'd re-check pH one more time, if good - start your SLAM!
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Aug 22, 2017
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Correct adjust pH to 7.2 then ignore pH and TA until after SLAM is complete.

Start adding LC about a half hour after the acid (that is probably an abundance of caution)
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