Potential nightmare averted - Thanks BBB


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Apr 24, 2012
Nashville, TN
So, just got back from a small vacation. Had a friend who was dropping by, adding 4ppm of 6% bleach each day.

Day 1 (Tuesday morning) he calls me. Pump's gone south, never to be heard from again.

Great...just spectacular. It's supposed to be record temps here all week (105 Thursday, 111 yesterday, expected 105+ today), and I've got a pool with full blazing sun all day, and no filter. I can't WAIT to see the disaster when I get home. :roll:

So I told the friend to just add 6ppm instead of 4 for the next 2 days, and add it by walking around the pool edge, pouring slowly.

3 days later, we get back home and find...

A perfectly happy pool, with a few dead bugs on top.

That's it. No algae, no cloudiness, nothing. Just a pool that'd like a little circulation.

Replaced the pump with a spiffy new 2-speed model, brought things up to shock level "just in case", ran the new pump on high for a few hours, and this morning, it's perfect. Crystal clear, sparkly, and inviting.

Thanks, gang! Maybe we should call this "pwning your pool". :lol: