Pools and pets don't always mix, dog hair in pool, and a dog ramp to get out of the pool?


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Jul 31, 2015
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I couldn't decide where to post this, but I decided to post in the Newby section because it is sort of related to pool chemicals. I hope it is okay to post here where more people might read it. I wish there was a sticky titled "Pets and Pools" with more information than I know.

Please remember that just because a dog loves to swim, it doesn't mean they are always safe in your pool. My friend's Chihuahua has been swimming in their pool for 3-4 years, but she drowned this year for some reason. My dog sinks like a rock because she has a long body and 3" legs. She always wears a life jacket, but if she is not moving her legs, she could still drown because the life jacket doesn't keep her upright. When dogs get tired, they can stop paddling. Dogs are just like kids...they can go into the pool without anyone knowing.

Plus, certain chemicals can slowly poison your dog. After swimming, rinse your dog so the chemicals don't continue to absorb into your dog. Then dry your dog to keep from getting "hot spots". Think what chlorine and salt do to your swim suits and your hair and imagine what it does to your dog's hair. Don't let your dog drink from chlorine or salt pools. When they chase and grab dog toys in the water, they swallow some of the water. Every dog is different so you never know how it will affect them.

Then, let's remember the amount of hair, dander, and dirt from your dog that gets in your pool. I blow out my dog's hair with a high velocity dog dryer so loose hair doesn't clog the skimmer basket and filter. (Professional dog groomers use them.) You can try a human blow dryer set on cool air, but it will not blow out all of the loose hair. It also blows out dander, grass and other debris. Short haired dogs have loose hair too! I use a hair net in my skimmer to catch any human or dog hair.

I am looking for a ramp sort of like a "frog log" for my dog. She can get onto the top step, but the plastic steps are slick so her claws can't get a grip to climb out of the pool. Plus, her hair and life jacket get heavier and waterlogged.

Does anyone have an idea of how to build a ramp? Thanks.

Let's keep our pets safe this summer!


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Might be too late on this post... but I made this when I had an intex AG.

Home Depot mats for standing work. zip tied together, and pool noodles - reinforced with pvc for sturdiness, also zip-tied on the bottom. Lots of youtube videos for how - to.


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