Poolmath: Different Results in App vs Web


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May 29, 2017
Worcester, MA
Hi Folks:

I've got a 32,000 gallon gunite pool. Just tried using the new Poolmath App and was surprised to see the amount of acid it is recommending that I add is vastly different than what the web says.

I've always used the Website and have been pleased. My PH is current 8.4 (just opened the pool) and I"m trying to lower to 7.8 using 31.45 / 20 Baume.

Website says to add 3 quarts of acid. (12 cups)

App says to add 3 cups, 6 oz.

That's quite a difference. Any idea why there is such a discrepancy? Note both app and website are set up for 32,000 gallon plaster pool


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Jul 21, 2011
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What is your current TA level? Make sure that field matches as that plays a part in the calculation. I suspect that’s off on the webpage version for you.