Pool Timer Issues - Ideas?


May 31, 2020
Tampa, FL
Hey All,
Reaching out to see if there's an obvious fix that I'm missing on this recurring issue. My setup has some older components that came with the original builder, including one of those older mechanical pool timers with the screwed on on/off components. This is currently attached to my SWG, and determines the operating hours of the SWG. The problem I have is that the off screw keeps slowly coming loose over time, and eventually falls down the dial - usually cutting an ~8 hour day of generation down to whatever it falls to. This (obviously) fairly quickly imbalances my pool - and I don't always catch it right away.. sometimes a few days (or admittedly a couple of weeks, as was the case today) later.

This keeps happening.. I've tried tightening with pliers, replacing with new ones (of the same piece that screws on), and this keeps happening every few weeks.

Is there an easy fix to this issue that I'm missing? Easy to replace timers with more modern electronic versions? I just don't know much about that component so seeing what everyone else may know that I don't.

Thanks all!


Silver Supporter
Nov 23, 2017
Port Orange, FL
Knowing the brand and model number would go a long way toward solving this problem. A photo of the dial would be very helpful also. I've had a number of Intermatic brand mechanical timers over the years and they've been very reliable. The timing trigger arms will normally stay in place unless they've been damaged. If it is an Intermatic brand the clock assembly with dial can be replaced and is usually available at Hone Depot.