Pool Temperatures with Safety Cover


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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
For the previous 13 off-seasons, I had a mesh safety cover. I would wait until mid-April to remove the safety cover and start my equipment. The pool water would remain cool in the 50s Fahrenheit because we would get cold spring rains. I replaced the mesh cover with a solid safety cover. Now the pool doesn't get this cooling rain water. Today I decided to check the temperature of the water. It was 57F in the shallow end and 56F in the deep end. When I pulled back the corner of the safety cover to take the temperature, steam was coming off the water and the air between the pool water and cover felt like a sauna as it flowed out from under the cover. It seems the safety cover creates green house like conditions by heating the surface of the cover which heats the air space underneath.

I'm guessing these conditions will warm my water faster than when I used the mesh cover. I may not be able to wait until mid April to open my pool. I would have liked to wait since I'll be traveling until April 17. I don't want to remove the cover before then since our heavy pine pollen at this time requires frequent backflushing of the sand filter. I may start up the pool equipment with the cover on without starting the SWG so chlorine levels don't get too high.

For anyone with solid safety covers, does the water warm faster than it would with no cover or a mesh cover?


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Apr 1, 2018
Bangor Maine
Hot water rises, the surface of the water will be warmer than on the bottom, you’re fine to wait until mid April. A lot of commercial pools in my area have solid covers and are opened late with no issues. The key is how clean were they when put to bed for the winter.