Pool still cloudy after SLAM


Jun 4, 2018
I have a 33000 gallon SWG vinyl swimming pool.
FC - 26 (SLAM)
CC - 0.5
CYA - 70
pH - 7.2 (before SLAM)
TA - 80
CH - 125
Salt - 3000

We had very low stabilizer and salt when we opened this year, so we've spent the past two weeks bringing CYA up to 70 and salt up to 3000. We slammed the pool up to 28 FC. The level dipped to 26 during the day, but lost zero chlorine overnight on day 2. So we've passed the overnight test.
I'm still seeing a cloudy deep end. We've had our filter running 24/7 so I'm guessing we just have to wait for it to clear out all the dead algae now that the chlorine has killed it all. Should I bring the chlorine up to 28 again from 26 or is that redundant? Is there anything else that could be going on? Just want a sanity check. Thanks!


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Jun 12, 2009
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I'm afraid you misread the SLAM Process article. To consider a SLAM complete you must pass the OCLT, register 0.5 CC or lower, and have clear water. If your deep end is still cloudy then you ended the SLAM prematurely. Bring your FC back up and keep on it until the water is cleared. Sounds like you are on the tail end, you just don't want to let up too soon when there might still be live algae lurking in the pool.