Pool Planning with no experienced contractors


New member
Oct 11, 2019
I live in an area of Belize where all of the pool contractors have only 10-15 finished pool builds and most are learning as they go along. I've done sooo much research but I'm wondering what do I need to know to make sure the pool is built correctly. What I've noticed they don't do (and therefore have noted that it will be done on my pool)
-install hydrostatic valves (we're right at sea level so I'm thinking of actually raising the pool above ground - block walls with marl fill, which becomes like concrete when dry and settled, then forming the pool inside of this)
-coating the concrete before installing the diamond brite (the crews are experts at trowelling since that is used in most home construction so I'm not too worried about that aspect)
-putting a waterproof seal underneath the coping
Is there anything else I can add to the list?