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Nov 25, 2014
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Hi everyone,

I'm having a pool party for my son this weekend and the headcount is up to 30 kids.

Just wanted to get an idea of adjustments I should make to the water chemistry for the increase in the amount of people in the pool.

Most recent test results as follows:

CYA - 80
FC - 5
TA - 90
Calc - 250
PH - 7.5
Salt - 4000



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Apr 12, 2016
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I'd be tempted to get some bleach and boost FC to the high "normal" target for a non-saltwater pool. At CYA 80 that's FC11. This will give you plenty of buffer to handle all of the sunscreen, sweat, bacteria/viruses, dirt/grass, and pee that pool is going to encounter with 30 kids. FC11 will be completely safe, and will give you lots of room for the chlorine to kill things. If it's a prolonged party, you might do a quick FC test while the kids are eating or doing something outside of the pool and readjust if needed. :)


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Jan 6, 2010
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Yep. Boost the FC with some bleach, crank the SWG to max, and hope for the best. When the last one has left, test and add more bleach if you need to. The water may look murky, but of you leave the filter on, it'll clear up. If you don't already own a scumball, you might want to pick one up. It will absorb any lotions or sunscreens floating on the surface. It'll find its way into the skimmer so nobody should see it and play with it.


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30 kids? LOL, I'd be looking for chemicals having nothing to do with the pool myself!!! Sounds like a fun party for the kids though. I recall about that many for my birthday pool party each year when I was a kid, and one of the few pools in the area, so everyone always enjoyed it :)


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Aug 19, 2014
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amazon has them....i think they are usually listed as a hot tub accessory and called scumbug.

I do that too whenever a bunch of guests will be over. max fc level for cya
then test and add if needed after everyone leaves. works great.

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