Pool heater will not ignite


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Oct 22, 2010
I have a Sta-rite pool heater that will not ignite. It has a fenwal ignition module with a red light that blinks 3 times when we try to start the heater. Manual says if the light blinks 3 times it indicates an "ignition lockout". All other led indicators (AGS, AFS, SFS, HLS, PS and THERMISTOR) are off. Gas is on and you can smell it for a few seconds as it trys to ignite, but then the fenwal light blinks 3 times. I tried resetting the breaker switch and still get the same result. I have the temp on the pad set to 95. Water temp is about 75. Heater unit is about 5 years old.

Any ideas?


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Mar 29, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!!

I've been having the same issue with a couple Pentair heaters of late :( (Pentair bought Sta-Rite and the heaters are ~ identical inside)

How is the propane tank (under '20' the units will 'get balky' )

It's been suggested to me that, even though the Hi-Limit sensor light isn't on, it could be a faulty Hi- Limit sensor (while this is possible, I'd be more likely to suspect a faulty thermal regulator)

However, given that your unit doesn't fire at all (?) - I'd look into the gas getting to it first.

I'm looking at my Sta- Rite heater manual as I type and KNOW these units well - give a little update or some more info and we'll help narrow down the problem or enable you to get that heater working :cool:
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