Pool equipment shed and concrete pad size


May 1, 2010
Hi we are deciding what size concrete pad to pour. Preliminary plans are shed 9 x 12 equipment pad 5x 9 (with outdoor shower). So, so far 9 x 17. What has worked with you guys? Do you wish you poured more concrete? Too big? Too small? We could pour more for a patio but may use flagstone and add to that as we need to.

Also, I am getting a heat pump and cartridge filter. The heater stays outside but I can't seem to work around the cartridge cleaning requiring it to be outside also. Anyway to effectively hide these monsters?

So far this impulse buy is growing bigger all the time. First the portable inflatable, then the onground followed by the inground now the ig monster. I tell you the kids better appreciate it.




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May 10, 2010
SW Louisiana
In my case being an indoor pool, all of the equipment is in a mechanical room, it is somewhat L shaped 8 Ft on the wall with the door x 12 ft the the L extending another 3 ft half way down the long wall making it about 12x11 on the 2 longest walls (in other words a 12x11 room with a 3x6 foot intrusion making it an L). There are also 2 doors one at the top and one at the bottom of the L (one indoor one outdoor), the pool pump and filter share this space with a well pump, a 500 gallon fiberglass water tank, pressurization tank and pressurization pump as well as an old refrigerator tucked into the foot of the "L" and as of last night a 15 gallon drum with a chlorination pump, plus 2 electrical panels and the transfer switch for the standby generator. (at one time there was also a pool heater, which was located where the chlorination drum is now) Even with all that everything is reasonably accessible, it is somewhat intertwined for a photo showing part of the room look at the pictures I posted today in this thread: new-metering-pump-project-t22358.html


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