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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Hello Everyone,

We have not received any documentation from our pool builder on any of our equipment: pumps, filter, heater, computer controller, LED lights, etc. I asked them to get me the documemtnation so I could start reading and he sent me links to print out the documentation. What a bunch of **** !! Spend 85-90K and they cannot provide you original material from Manufacturer???? Doesn't the equipment come w documentation?

If they fail to deliver, if i contact Hayward, will they send the documentaiton to me?

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all,


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Mar 3, 2011
All documentation should come in the box with the new equipment. This should include the warranty paperwork. The builder should leave all documentation with you. If they can't, or won't, you can contact Hayward to get the original documentation.

Make sure that you provide the model and serial numbers for each piece of equipment that you are requesting documentation for.


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Jun 7, 2008
Seattle, WA
Thank you John. I was hoping to get the Op's manuals like you do whenever you buy anything of real value...
I agree with your position. Sometimes the manuals that ship with a product are different than what's online.

Since the people working on my pool never used any of the manuals and just left them on the ground or in boxes to get stepped and rained on, I got in the habit of pulling manuals the moment I saw them. Sorry you didn't get that chance.


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Sep 5, 2014
Katy, TX
My PB placed all of my documentation on my back porch. I opened all the packaging and then put them in a magazine box in my office inside the house. I was all proud of myself for being so organized. ;-)

Then reality sets in. Every time I've needed to refer to one of the manuals, I was already outside and the wife would be shooting me for dragging water or mud or sand or who-knows-what into the house. My iPad is usually close by, so I typically use the PDF versions available from Hayward web site. It turns out that I am partial to using the search functionality in my iPad than leafing through the documents.

Yes, your PB should have provided them. But with hayward.com just a few keystrokes away, you can get what you need from them.


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Aug 28, 2012
Houston, TX
Thanks to everyone, appreciate the follow-up.

I like the original manuals that usually come w your purchase bc they are already bound, printed well and concise. I like to yellow highlight everything that requires an action item and then be able to quickly refer to these over time.

Hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas.