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Jul 13, 2019
West Virginia
Just had a quick question. My pool was filled with well water. It’s 22’ intex. 13,200 gallons. Temp is 78 degrees. Total and free chlorine is good. Ph is 7.8 which is little high. Akalinity is 280. I’ve used almost whole gallon of muratic acid and it drops a little bit not much. Do I need to get ph down first before akalinity or vice versus. Is this an unheard of amount of acid.


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May 3, 2014
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Keep pH in the 7's. When it rises to 8, lower it to 7.4. Let the TA be whatever it is. You need to test TA every week or so as the current level is needed in Poolmath to determine how much acid is needed to drop the pH.

As your FC levels are 'good', I assume you are following the FC/CYA Chart


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Jun 8, 2019
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Don’t worry about the TA. It will make your pH rise and that will be countered with acid, which will then also lower your TA. Over time it will get down, unless you get no rain and your fill water keeps adding TA when you have evaporation loss.

Put in enough MA to get down to 7.4 when you reach 8.0 pH and TA will drop with time. :) You do need to know what it is. How are you testing? The Taylor reagents have a known issue on the titrating reagent - wipe the tip with a wet cloth after each drop. Make sure the bottle is held vertical when adding drops.


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Jun 12, 2009
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If you are still using test strips I wouldn't suggest making any adjustments or decisions based on those. They really are not reliable in the least and adjusting chemistry based on them can lead to major problems down the line. A gallon of MA in that size pool over a short course of time would have a major effect on pH, for instance, and messing that up could cause some serious issues...
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Jul 13, 2019
West Virginia
No, thanks to some responses in a earlier thread I purchased Taylor 2006c and tested that way. I did also use a strip to compare and see what it said versus. But you are right they were diff and I don’t trust them. I still have the crappy pump that came with pool and have been running around the clock bc it really doesn’t move the water much. We have a sand filter and pump on way. Could that help with the TA maybe filtering some out. I’m sorry if these are noob questions Iam new to this and don’t know anyone else to ask. Anyways I can get my ph down but next day it goes up and alkalinity is still high. Everything else tested is good


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Aug 8, 2018
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There is no need to rush and try to lower your TA, it will get down anyway. All TA does it makes pH rise faster.
Keep checking your pH daily, at least in the beginning. You should discover how much pH rises every day.
For me when my TA was as high as yours, it was about 0.2 pH each day. Basically I had to add muriatic acid every 4 days.
If you really want to bring your TA down ASAP, wait till your pH is 8.0 and lower it to 7.2 with muriatic acid. Aerate water and wait for pH to reach 8.0 again.
Lower to 7.2 and so on and so on. It's a long process but there is no urgency to it.