Pool Build Costs


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Aug 11, 2007
I understand a lot of people do not want to share this info. I'm just trying to determine what kind of money it will take to build a pool. I know that a lot of the costs have to do with where you live, yard conditions etc. But I'm sure a lot of folks are in the same boat as I am. If you are so inclined to post useful info it would be greatly appreciated. A picture of the pool, what type (gunite, fiberglass, vinyl). Did you to it do it turnkey or self-contract or do it all yourself. But i think the above info with what the pool cost to build would be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks to anyone who is nice enough to share.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Size matters. The larger the pool, the more it costs. Your inquiry is a little too vague to give much meaningful info as a result.

Size being equal, generally IG gunites cost the most, then IG vinyl-lined and fibreglas being pretty close together, then AG's normally costing the least.

All that has variations but is a guideline that may help. If you have a size in mind and whether it's AG or IG, you'll get better responses.


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Jul 7, 2007
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I have to agree with duraleigh. There are way to many variables to give you a good answer. What I can tell you is mine coast about $8,000.00 this spring and I did all the work myself. I buried it 18" into the ground and I have a 6' deep end.I'm on the low end of cost for a pool, the price will only go up from there! I hope this helped a little. :-D




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Aug 11, 2007
Yes, I knew when I Posted that it was probably a little vague. 98, did exactly what I was hoping for. Because there are so many variables I just am trying to get an idea. My family would love an inground pool of sometype and I would like to make it as much an outdoor living space as a pool. The family has proven they will use it, as the last couple of years we have had one of those $300 index pools and they are in it everyday.

I'm so anti debt (don't use any credit cards or have any debt except a little on a car and house). I'm trying to figure out how to maximize my dollars. Of course that could mean doing the work yourself but then I worry about having a horrible pool.

I'd love to have some of the awesome pools I've seen on this board and trolled around here trying to get an idea of what they cost. I have probably spent over 100 hours on the internet just getting ideas of advantages and disaadvantages of pool types, looking at projects where people have done the work themselves etc.

So the purpose was to see what I could get for 20,000 or what people have done for 30,000. In any case sorry I know that's not very helpful I'm just trying to firm up what I want without getting my hopes up only to find out the pool will cost $100,000.

People on this board seem very helpful and sorry for not being able to be very specific.
Thanks for the replies, 98 great looking pool, looks like you had put in 100's before


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May 30, 2007
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Hi pt, and welcome to TFP! I have an idea. You could go to Show Off Your Poool/Spa/Backyard Kitchen section and find something that you really like and talk with that owner! Most here are pretty friendly and love to share info about their pools! Also, it is the weekend and many are outside using them! :wink: Good luck. Joyce


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Apr 10, 2007
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I think something else that would make a big difference is what part of the country you're in, I know here in Dallas I got new coping, tile and plaster for what some people in the NE just pay for plaster...if there is a lot of business in your area they might be a little cheaper.

Also take into consideration you areas amount of maintenance of inground vs. above ground...it could be cheaper or more expensive either way. Location can play a big part in costs.

Good luck either way and welcome to TFP!



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Apr 22, 2007
Anywhere from $35K to $60K for an IG gunnite pool, on average - not much in frills. If you act as your own general and sub it out you can probably get a 90 ft perimeter $50K pool done for around $25K. If you want pebbletek or fancy decking or decking larger than about 2' around the pool, spa, or any other water features, it adds up, significantly.


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May 14, 2007
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Pool Costs

Hi PT:

I am more then willing to lay out my total pricing.

Pool and Pump and Filter 21K
SWG 1.2K
2 Solar Panels 1.2K
Solar Controller .45K
Solar Flex Piping .3K
Water Fall .6K
1600 Ft Cedar Decking 5K
Sun Roof 1.2K
Fencing 1.7K

Total Spend here was around 34K. Like you I didn't want any debt involved, hence my reason for putting in pool in late fall 06, and completing decking in spring 07. With all that costs, I was able to cash in visa pts and various other incentive programs to get over 2.7K in Gift Certificates which I used for lumber, which brought down my total cost to around 31.5K.

Here is my picture.

Good luck in your planning.

Other then the pool, I did everything else myself, I don't consider myself above average on carpentry and plumbing, but it wasnt that hard to do, just plan plan plan. If I was to do it again, I would put an inground vinyl in again, only this time, I would do it all myself. When you watch the process its the excavator operator that has all the knowledge, the guy that did ours was amazing, I am sure he could put together a jig saw puzzle he was that precise.




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You could also meet with a builder or two and detail what you want and get a quote. You'll have to sit through the sales pitch, but you'll have a far more accurate idea of what type of pool you'll want and learn the going rate is in your area.