Pool Build Concept

Nov 17, 2013
Over the last several months, we have been playing around with ideas and designs and have landed on the the following concept for our pool. I created the attached designs using the google Sketch-Up program and was hoping to get some feedback.

We have not yet talked with any local pool builders -- I want to spend some time on this forum and become as knowledgeable as I can about the process before we do that. Here's the basic idea:

Roughly a 19 x 36 ft rectangular pool with a "L" shaped tanning shelf. Depth ranging from 3.5ft to 6.0ft. It will be a non-diving pool but we want it at least deep enough so when kids jump (feet first only!) into the deep end they will be safe. We are leaning toward a vinyl liner pool which will hold up better in our cold winters than a gunite would. There will be an attached and elevated spa (a must for us!). Haven't decided on whether we'd do a SWG or traditional chlorine system yet. A pool heater is a must as well to extend the swimming season as long as we can. Water features would consist of the three waterfall trays along the back wall of the pool.

The pool shed (with small bathroom) pictured would need to be built as well, along with the decking and landscaping.

Regarding the tanning shelf, we are hoping for it be between 6 and 8 inches deep. Is this possible to do with a vinyl pool? Also, along the front of the pool, we'd like a 1 1/2 foot deep sitting ledge to span the length of the pool.

What are the crucial things I need to know and ask about when we first meet with potential pool builders and show them our plans?



Nov 17, 2013
Thanks Joallen001! We are excited to start with the next steps of getting bids & fine-tuning the details!

I think I will start a new thread regarding the tanning shelf to see if we get any more input.