Pool bonding question - all resin pool


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
I like how he keeps saying grounding...🤦‍♀️
Obviously he’s not planning on giving you any $ back. Hope he brings more wire because it’s supposed to be a continuous loop around the pool & the current wire is looking super tight.
here’s a pic you may could show him w/ coordinating code references


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Jun 19, 2020
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That is just frustrating to read. 1st of all it has nothing to do with grounding. It is BONDING - a completely different concept.

Also the code reads you only need 4 points of bonding on the pool for a metal conductive shell. You are good with just bonding the wire to one of the bolts on your seam. They are correct that your local municipality will say whether it is correct or not but I can't see an inspector passing what you have now. There is no need to bond it to a resin upright - there is no connection happening there.
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May 30, 2020
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Yeah, he already talked to the inspector and claims the inspector told him that the county requires four points of bonding to the bolts of the uprights. And I've told him three times the bolts don't actually exist. Which means the inspector is not up to date either. I asked him for the name of the inspector and phone number and he blew me off again.

At this point, thanks to all of you in part, it appears I know more than the electrician and inspector. And I don't see myself getting very far with the electrician, as he hasn't even addressed the damage to the uprights. I've done enough light electrical (rewiring circuits, replacing/adding receptacles, adding circuit breakers to the main panel) that bonding the pool correctly seems pretty straightforward.

Our handyman who is great (and who helped install our pool pavers dead level) suggests I send him a check for the balance of the work that deducts the cost of the uprights as well as labor spent researching what he screwed up. And I write "Final payment" in the memo. Then see if he wants to come after me.

Thinking I could also mention that I am more than willing to post this experience on social media and consider reporting him to his licensing board. I have an email where he wrote the bonding ring "sounds silly but that's the code". :rolleyes:
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