polaris pop up trouble


New member
Aug 8, 2010
i have a two year old pool with a polaris pop up in floor cleaning system. the pop ups have stopped working all together. the water pressure builds up in the actuator valve but none of the pop ups come up. i have taken it apart at least ten time and everything looks correct. what can i do?


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Jul 1, 2009
I have a paramount pcc2000 system that may be similar to yours. Do you have a shut off for the valve assy? (turns off the operation of the valve system operation) Sounds like you have pump pressure to the valve assy. check the pop ups for obstructions. If all ok, check flow on each circuit from valve housing to pop up. If ok then I would suspect the valve assy. The valve and the popups are the only mechanical items in the system. (besides the pump) the rest is pipe. In my system. JM2C

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