Polaris PB4 Leaking


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Jun 17, 2012
Crystal Lake, IL
Hello, I discovered a leak today when running the pool sweep. I have narrowed it down to coming out of the shaft and into the bracket. I can see water puddling inside the bracket and I dried it all off with a towel and put my finger on the underside of the shaft where it goes through the bracket and toward volute (not the motor side of the shaft) and my finger does get wet.

Is it safe to assume that I need to replace the seals (parts P55, P95, P40)?


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Jan 31, 2012
Tulare, CA
The shaft seal needs to be replaced asap if not the motor bearings will rust and the motor will be bad. You need a ps1000 shaft seal. A good pool supply store will be able to do this for you if you take the pump in to the store.