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Jun 1, 2016
New Kent, VA
We are finalizing our contract with our PB for 16 x 32 vinyl inground pool. We are getting 2 skimmers and 3 return jets. Can anyone tell me of the return jets should be run off of separate lines or is it ok for all 3 to be off of the same line? Same question for the skimmers? I am assuming if multiple lines are needed, valve installation at the equipment is a good idea????


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Aug 15, 2017
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The returns can run off the same line but the skimmers I'd recommend run the lines straight back to the pad with separate valves to control each. In the event you have a suction side leak it can be eliminated one at a time .....have the skimmers piped minimum 2 inch pvc.
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Jul 7, 2014
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The best idea for the returns is to run a loop all the way around the pool and then tap into that loop for reach return. This makes each return have close to the same pressure.. If you just run a pipe to the farthest return and then tap off of that return, the first return will have a lot of pressure, the second return less pressure, and the last return will have almost no pressure.

In my mind you want at least one return on each "wall" of the pool.. I would want a minimum of 4 returns.

Each skimmer should be plumbed back to the equipment pad individually and each line should have a Jandy 2-way valve so you can control the suction to each skimmer.


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