Plumbing in new pump - flexible or rigid pvc?


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Aug 15, 2019
North NJ
I'm going to be replacing my existing Hayward single speed 1.5hp pump with a new Circupool variable speed 3hp pump.

The spacing of the supply and return fittings for both pumps is fairly close, the new fitting for the filter basket is 2" higher and the fitting to the multi-port valve is 1/2" further away.

My question is can I use flexible pvc to connect the new pump after I cut out the old one? The spacing of the existing piping is pretty tight and the suction lines look like they have been cut before, probably when this pump was originally installed.

To use rigid I would most likely dig down to expose more of the suction line piping, cut out both lines before the first coupling and replace the jandy valve before the union. I don't know how I would re-pipe the line up to the multi-port valve, it's pretty tight against the line to the heater.

Rather than do all that can I use flexible pvc piping from the existing unions to the new pump fittings? Each run would be less than 6" and it would be a whole lot easier.

Attached is a photo of the existing setup. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edit - forgot to mention the equipment pad is located inside a shed so no issues with UV light if that matters



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Mar 25, 2019
Houston, TX
Flexible PVC is going to have trouble making bends in those tight places. Even if you muscle it in there will be a lot of strain and you may not get a good solvent weld, or could have leaks down the road. The only place I've used flex hose is on a Jacuzzi tub where the bend is a light radius. You might have to take this opportunity to move some equipment around to increase clearance. Looks like you already have some couplers on the suction lines so I would dig those up and put a coupler below grade. You can reuse your 3-way jandy with 2" pipe on the outside edges. Then replumb from the pump to multiport valve.


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Aug 10, 2017
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Just unsure the male plug at the multisport and redo that section totally.

2 choices for intake. Either cut pipe below grade amd repipe up to a new 3way valve amd fittings or cut them amd add the 3rd set of couplings to the line.

I dont think you could flush cut the 3way amd go 2" to the outside amd reduce to 1.5 below grade but I'd have to test fit to be sure that may be a possibility. I hate fittings theres more chances for leaks I'm a rip it out amd make it look nice type of guy.....even hidden in a pool shed I know its there