Pictures of your Sub panel & equipment pad please Hayward omnihub


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Aug 5, 2019
I am having a 16 x 34 pool installed shortly with hayward omnihub, VS pump, Heater and hayward color changing lights. I am doing the electric myself being a licensed electrician. If anyone can post pictures of the outside sub panel area and controls so I can get ideas of how to layout the controls. Looking to have a clean look and able to add extra low voltage transformers for waterfall lights.


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Feb 6, 2019
Reno, NV
Not that it's needed...........but X3 on the Ethernet cable. Can't tell you how many awkward exchanges I've had with customers over a WiFi issue! And also a Thank You. You made me realize that I have dozens of pictures of shoddy equipment areas that we run across, but I don't have any of the equipment/controls that we install. I'll start making a point of taking more pictures.
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