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Jul 6, 2010
Re: Post Pictures of your animals

This is the real Taz - a whippet in case you weren't sure. BTW, he hates the pool & us splashing around in it.
[attachment=1:2zxj82yo]IMG003 (640x427).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo]
[attachment=0:2zxj82yo]IMG_0814 (640x480).jpg[/attachment:2zxj82yo]



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Our "kids" don't swim ... they're too wimpy ... but they're still our sweeties'!!

First pic is Zimt (the Himilayn on top of the chair) - and Maverick - Maine Coon (stretched out wherever he wanted to be). Mav was about 2 when this pic was taken and he was already 20 pounds! Zimt (German - translates to "Cinnamon") is no longer with us. :cry: Mav was given up for adoption because he needed to be in a "one cat" houshold. :whip: We miss him and his "attitude" !! :( (seriously!!) He was adopted by someone looking for a Maine Coon, so we know he's OK !! :goodjob:

Next pic is Kira showing her attitude ... BTW - this was my very first picture taken with a digital camera - way back in 2006 - when they were mainstream and I was still using 35mm film! :oops:

Last - but not least - our newest addition to our family - LOOSEY !! (BTW - she "forced herself" upon us and we were "forced" to adopt her - yeah right :hammer: ) Try and guess how she got her name!! :p :lol:



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Jun 1, 2012
Paris, Kentucky
well there is no "show off your dog" category....

Moved to the Pet Pic thread :-D Butterfly

Caption of this photo "Now I know you think I swam in the pool, but those prints must be a squirrell or possum or something, not a lab"



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Apr 1, 2007
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Re: well there is no "show off your dog" category....

Hi, Vanessa,

That dog looks wet to me :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I think we did one a couple of years ago but it's time to see the new pooches (and revisit the old ones, too)

You have inspired me to try one more time to get an airborne pic of mine. She is a phenomenal leaper but I am an incompetent photographer.

I love dogs...let's see some pics!!


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May 30, 2007
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We adopted Bubba Junior on May 1st this year. He is about 2YO. He is super special! Just like your pet :-D

Pic before summer haircut
[attachment=1:14n74465]Bubba Junior 2 7.04.13.jpg[/attachment:14n74465]

Pic after summer haircut
[attachment=0:14n74465]Jr's summer haircut.jpg[/attachment:14n74465]