Pentair Intelliflo VS Control Issues


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Apr 16, 2017
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I purchased the Intelliflo pump for it's energy savings, and automated controls. Like everyone else, I went from a reliable, old-school single speed pump (that never gave me issues) to the expensive, state-of-the art pump.
First season, no issues. Beginning of second season: Upon start-up, the Drive unit had failed. Power supply okay, connections okay, voltages okay, etc. I pulled the drive unit and immediately water dripped out of it. There was green oxidation evident on brass ground post that indicated this was going on for some time. Presumably from start-up. My fist thought was this cannot happen, as it is housed under a roofed structure along with my other equipment, and it must have been a bad seal at factory. I realized pretty quickly that it was condensation accumulating in the unit itself and not water from precipitation or pump location. (As stated earlier, it is housed under an eave of a building, and precipitation never hits the pump). Assuming it was an isolated case, I called Pentair and they replaced the driver under warranty. Well, here it is, beginning of third season, and upon initial start-up, the control started acting up again! I pulled it off, and once again, it was full of condensation. I pulled driver, and shook it. water ran out of the pump contact hole same as before.

I will be finding out tomorrow if Pentair will honor a second driver in another year.

Point is, they have to know they have issues with this unit. Many blogs here and other sites offer advice, remedies to pc board to seal from moisture, etc. etc. Straight up, the design is flawed. Hopefully, they have a new design or vendor supplying reliable drivers now!
If anyone else out there had had issues in the northern regions (or any region for that matter) I'd like to hear about it. Also Pentair's reaction and response to your issues regarding this drive unit.

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Aug 10, 2012
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Pentair is very responsive to customers and good about honoring their warranties. I have not heard very many reports about the Intelliflo having this failure. Intelliflo owners overwhelming love their pumps and very few have issues with them. Myself included. My pump is starting season six and has performed flawlessly. When mine bites the dust I will have another one on order before the sun sets. :)


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have three Intelliflo pumps, they are all about three years old. Two of them are outside exposed to the rain and one of them is inside a shed. So far anyway, none of them have the failures you are having.

How about showing us a picture of your installation, maybe something will stand out???

I suppose it could have something to do with your location, that causes you to experience more condensation than the rest of us.

What happens to your pump in the winter? Does it get covered or brought inside?

As Pooldv says... If one of mine went bad today, I'd have a new one on order before sundown..

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.

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