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Jul 3, 2018
If the electrician uses the existing SWG and wire it to the intellicenter automation, wouldn't he still have to remove not only the SCG transformer from the IntelliChlor power center but also the SCG Circuit Board and install both within the IntelliCenter Load Center as you said earlier? Wouldn't that be more work? I guess I want to take the easiest path.
No, I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say here.
1. I was saying to see, if you can order the IntelliCenter i8PS with the SCG transformer and the SCG Circuit Board ALREADY installed in the Load Center but without the IntelliChor unit 111583 itself included.

Then take the IntelliChlor unit itself that you already have 111587 and connect that to your new IntelliCenter Load center that already has the SCG transformer and the SCG Circuit Board installed within.
That would be pretty easy if PolyTec will do that for you.

2. If not, then just order the i8PS Salt (complete). Then see if you can sell your older entire SCG unit and the transformer enclosure on eBay or to a neighbor etc.

If you are looking for easy, the second option would be it. The first option above would be the second easiest.
Thanks for the question.
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