Passed OCLT BUT when In doubt SLAM ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Last night 8:30 pm 24.5 FC/.5CC
Today 8:30 am 23.5 FC/0-.5 CC/TA70
PH 8.2 /CYA 70 ( maybe 65)
might be drifting down a hint
And I added a bit over SLAM level quantity of bleach because test results to the contrary while I can see the bottom - it just looks just a hint “off”/ less sparkling clear than I ve come to expect .
1- I assume potency of bleach will degrade over time ??
but I bought it August 19 -10% pool essentials Lowe’s ( Last 24 gallons - lol - fear of algae purchase)😂😂
2- I assume pH will not be accurate due to chlorine levels ?
Is there something I m missing ?
6 crazy kids were in it all afternoon yesterday and my 3 grandkids and their parents will be back for more this afternoon so I ll keep checking -