Pad under ladder and wedding cake steps?


Jun 19, 2010
What are your guys opinions on protective pads under the ladder and wedding cake steps? Are they worthwhile?




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Jun 12, 2009
Exeter, PA
Pads act as a protective layer for the pool liner. Although they tend to shift and move so sometimes they can be annoying. Wedding cake steps are nice for their size, making it easier on people who can't use regular ladders.


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Aug 13, 2009
Hattiesburg, MS
Anything you can do to protect your liner is a good idea. I am not sure if it is called "pop rivet" or "pipe rivet" but we got some of the rubber that is used on floorboards of work trucks (the stuff that protects the carpet from muddy shoes) and riveted it to just the rim of our stpes and to the base of the ladder. No shifting on either. There is what I would call small indentations from our weight using the steps, but that was the only drawback. I have installed a jet under my wedding cake steps to help water flow and keep alge from finding a way to build up underneath them, so I have not yet had to remove them for cleaning. If we do (and eventually we will) get to that point, then we will have a "marker" for placement, but no real damage. It seems that it's just a little post install settling.

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