Owner/Builders where did you get your pool plans???


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Mar 26, 2008
Hi there. I am in the early stages of owner/building a pool. Just wondering where others that have done this get their pool plans from? Do I need to have a landscape architect out, structural engineer, out. Did you order them off-line. Any help will be appreciated.


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Sep 7, 2007
Lafayette, Louisiana

Sorry I haven't had more time to give you a detailed response regarding my self build, but have just been swamped this last week.

I didn't obtain any official plans through anyone buy myself, graph paper and a ruler, and alot of research and teaching myself basic pool construction principles. I modeled the pool and my house on a 3D program from Google called Sketchup.
I used the free version and it works great once you get used to it.

My property is flat so I didn't have to plan any serious retaining walls. I don't know what your situation is. Make sure you locate any utility lines on your property and know what setbacks from property lines you must adhere to. I just spent many days computer modeling the house and pool area so I'd know what it would look like and making a detailed drawing to scale on large graph paper (then go to Kinko's and make about 10 copies of your scale drawing to give to subs). Next step after finding the excavation/rebar/gunite/plumbing crew was to mark it all out in the yard with wood stakes and spray paint the outside shape (this is the outside size/shape of the bond beam, not the inside pool wall). When the excavation crew shows up, they just dig and form it like you have it marked out and 3 days later...voila!!! Gunite shell is complete! Just make sure you are there with tape measure and level to check their work and make corrections or changes as you want. Make sure you have any umbrella sleeves/water features/ladders pre-planned and parts on site and ready. You can talk to Josh at saltpoolguys.com and he and/or I can point you in the right direction regarding what rough plumbing equipment you need to start out with. He's in the New Orleans area and I know you are in Mississippi right next door, or there are plenty of other sources. Once they spray the gunite, it's too late to change...

Then you go about finding the rest of of your subs for plumbing, tile/coping, pool deck, fencing, electrical, plaster, etc...

The biggest step is the early research and finding your first set of subs. You can also stop at pool build sites around town and ask for the foreman of the crew for whatever phase is happening at that time and talk to them (with a copy of your drawing). I'll try to keep my build posted as things happen, but it's slow right now because I'm back offshore working. I'll try to put together a list of tips or suggestions of things I've learned so far as soon as I can. Hope this helps a little...