Overzealous with the Vitamin C test


May 9, 2020
Hey guys, I got some vitamin C tablets to test if a few stains in my pool were iron. I put some in a sock, crushed it up a little, and set on a stain. It turns out the tablets faded that stain considerably, so i tried it on a couple other stains. Before I knew it, several stains had been lifted or faded significantly, but I had used most of the bottle of tablets! There were 250 tablets in the bottle. 500 mg of ascorbic acid in each tablet. And I also just noticed there is 30 mg of calcium in each tablet.

My immediate issue is that the water looks a bit cloudy about an hour or so after applying the vitamin C. I can still see the bottom, but it’s definitely not crystal clear.

Do I need to get sequestering agent or anything else since I put so much of the ascorbic acid in? Or is that not enough to really cause any problems? My test numbers are below (most taken in the last week or so - FC and pH taken today BEFORE applying the vitamin C).

FC: 6.0
pH: 7.4
TA: 90
CYA: 50
Calcium: 340

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