Ordered wrong cartridges for Prowler 830


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Dec 25, 2014
Rockville, MD
Well.... I have:
Pentair Prowler 830 = Dolphin Triton (2016 and Prior) = Dolphin DX6 = Dolphin Premier = Dolphin Edge = Dolphin Thunder 20
which needs 9991425-r4 ultra fine cartridges. I thought I was getting a great ebay deal until I realized I miss-ordered and got the 9991422-r4 instead. They are identical except an 7/8" shorter.

I've found a cheap 9991412-r1 "Bag to cartridge" bottom plate conversion plate (and two additional cartridges) that would hold the smaller cartridges, but unsure the plate actually fits my machine.

I have a feeling that the loss of 15% media area isn't worth it.... but does anyone know if the conversion plate would work in a Prowler 830, or should I just go ahead and relist the cartridges?
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